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Building lasting relationships for life
Datamatics Inc. is a true 21st century company offering superior services from a global staff dedicated to making every client and every project our top priority. From our humble beginnings as an IT consulting firm we have always maintained our staff as our greatest feature. For Datamatics, a project is not only measured by end results, but by the relationship created along the way.
Case Studies

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

IT Infrastructure

Professional Services


Delta Air Lines had a multitude of disparate computing systems and data stores. Most with redundant and conflicting

Airline ticketing audit

Delta Air Lines suspected that complicated fare construction rules were not always coded correctly

Our Credentials

Datamatics Inc. takes great pride in providing very rapid resource deployment. Team members are quick to response and readily availability.
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Global Approach

Our experienced leaders come together with their innovation and drive to build impressive team and solutions for clients in all parts of the..
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Our Partners

Our partners define us just as much as we define them. We are proud of our people and proud of our partners..
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Our Benefits

Each business is unique and thus each problem needs a different kind of solution. Our expert team has taken a deep understanding..
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