Case Studies: Making Data Visible and Useful

CarrierPoint was falling behind in its ability to perform in the competitive market and needed better access to basic company information. Datamatics stepped up and designed one of the first of its class real time dataservers for shipping and distributing products.

  The Need

CarrierPoint Inc., a provider of web-based logistics software, was collecting very valuable information on its dataservers as customers used its WEB DISPATCH and DOCKMASTER (scheduling) applications. However, this gold-mine of information was only presented by the system as a sea of small facts. It was not aggregated or distributed in a form that aided decision makers at client companies in strategic planning of transportation operations.

  The Solution

Datamatics built and offered CarrierPoint a web-accessible data warehouse add-on product called DATADEPOT that significantly strengthened its market position and became an additional revenue stream.

  The Result

When CarrierPoint clients such as Phillips Lighting purchased and utilized the DATADEPOT product, it gained advantages such as: Carrier cost and on-time performance, industry-wide and company-specific shipping costs, loading dock utilization and truck load times. All this data was highly efficient for company analysis by separating data out by product and distribution center, origin and destination and over time selections.


  • Cost analysis tools
  • Fast and accessible data for managers to turn-around quick solutions
  • Combining small information into patterned, easy to read data
  • BEA Weblogic, Business Objects, Oracle DW, & Sagent ETL