Case Studies: Opening up a new world of data

Showcased in the Fall Quarterly of BDO Newsletter (2004), Datamatics stepped into an existing project and provided expertise in operating the AS/400 system in an efficient and effective manner.

  The Need

CarsArrive Network, a hi-tech broker for automobile shipment services, had very poor visibility of the usage trends and performance of their new e-marketplace system.

  The Solution

Constructed a simple but effective client/server reporting system in less than one month using Visual Basic and Active Reports components from DataDynamics Inc.

  The Result

New visibility of system abuse, inactive shippers, top shippers, most profitable routes, etc. resulted in significant positive business strategy and policy changes.


  • Fast and accessible data for managers to turn-around quick solutions
  • Combining small information into patterned, easy to read data
  • ASP, VB, IIS, MS-SQL, ADO, Active Reports