Case Studies: Getting dependable information from data

Delta Air Lines needed a new way to process data. The old way was giving managers inconsistent information to move forward with basic needs and communication.

  The Need

Delta Air Lines had a multitude of disparate computing systems and data stores. Most with redundant and conflicting data. Each with it's own reporting approach. Executives were showing up in meetings with "conflicting numbers," as viewed though the lens of their own department's system.

  The Solution

Delta implemented a large-scale NCR/Teradata warehouse. Developed a corporate data dictionary and provided BRIO toolset for query and reporting.

  The Result

A big improvement in corporate data visibility and quality. Better decisions resulting in cost savings.


  • Better visibility of data, making information consistent across the board
  • Analysis made on accurate data, saving company time and money
  • Datawarehousing: Teradata, Brio, SAS