Government Industries often have to trudge through the most amount of policies due to security and legal demands. State and local, federal, provincial and municipal organizations each have their own set of demands. Transportation technology poses a different set of concerns than Department of Defense concerns, for instance, which also differ from the needs of Veteran Affairs or Health and Human Services. Keeping our civilians and active duty personnel safe is of our utmost concern; not one person will be left behind.

How Datamatics Helps

Cyber security and Data Center initiatives come to play when concerned about security. The use of timely and accurate data keep initiatives in all areas as efficient as possible, and cost effective. Our standards meet or exceed government regulations and keep up-to-date on the best structure, software and analytics available to meet your needs to the highest fashion possible, all while on a low cost budget.


We understand the allowable funds may not be as favorable as you would like, which is why you need to use the funds you do have to make the technology work for you the first time around. The backend of poorly designed projects create complications and pricey disaster recovery, unnecessary if done correctly in the first place.

This is when Datamatics becomes invaluable. Not only do we make it right the first time around, we keep you up to date and follow up when changes in the IT systems suggest a new assessment to the completed project.

We also address ongoing project management that involves legal or compliance efforts in most office settings. Our methodology includes a holistic approach, supporting the staff you currently have to training teams to use new and implemented systems, even to including a consultative health check on current systems. Our tailored solutions enhance privacy and security systems, streamlining new and emerging technologies into current systems and planning for future audits or process design across platforms.