What We Do


Since its founding in '93, Datamatics has built a reputation as being an innovative and creative IT Services firm, providing flexible solutions ranging Consulting to Staffing. Our flexible model allows to engagement at any stage of the software life cycle including analysis, design, development, implementation, testing, production and follow up maintenance of systems.

Our team consists of systems architects, software developers, database administrators, technical writers, storage and backup engineers, project managers and test engineers. Ares of specialization include: IT Infrastructure, Embedded systems, QA, IT Audit/GRC, Virtualization, ERP, Storage/ Backup and Network solutions.

We are committed to embracing the ever-changing world of technology and as such are already building the skills and talent related to upcoming arenas such as Internet of Things (IOT), Cloud Engineering, Big Data, Connected Car/Infotainment and Big Data.

What We Do


Do you really know what might be required of your IT department? Are you sure your systems are reliable and not teetering on the edge of resource limitations? Are you sure you know what specialized team you need to fit your needs? Datamatics will identify every potential risk and devise solutions that will be both reliable and affordable.

Using Datamatics as a resource makes sense for your budget by providing top-rated talent at any phase of your compliance project. Beyond that Datamatics will provide continual support for your future requirements. We understand how difficult it is for small and medium sized companies to perform at top levels with small budgets. Whatever stage your company is facing, expect Datamatics to partner alongside you with ease and flexibility.

This will certainly cost your business less than hiring in new talent and then trying to keep them busy the rest of the year. A team supplied by Datamatics at any phase of a project will deliver results you can measure immediately. We'll customize the project to suit your final needs.


We will evaluate the current state of IT measures.
Evaluate the IT Infrastructure, applications and team
Identify and gaps and needs of current IT infrastructure, applications and team.
Develop a remediation plan to mitigate gaps.
Design parameters to align with final project preferences.